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A RECAP OF #PPSLV – Fall 2014 Pricing Workshops and Conference

Our Team had a great time during the 25th Annual Fall  our Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas 2014 – #PPSLV! Take a look back on some of our more popular Tweets during the busy #PPSLV week in Vegas, packed

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May 2-5, 2016, we hosted the 27th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago, IL! There were so many awesome highlights, we had to create an official Conference recap.   Over 500 attendees frequented more than 40 pricing-based Workshops,

“Quote-To-Cash” Pricing — A #PricingPodcast Featuring Michael Dunne

We’re back with another #PricingChat, and are talking “quote-to-cash” pricing strategies with Michael Dunne! Michael Dunne is the Director of Product Marketing for Apttus. A featured speaker during the 27th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference this May, Dunne will

Value-Based Pricing #PricingChat With Stephan Liozu

Stephan Liozu was a featured guest for a special #PricingChat to discuss Value-Based pricing! A featured speaker during the 27th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference, Liozu will share more sales, pricing and business education in-person in May. The special Twitter chat with

Stephan Liozu Talks Value-Based Pricing – #PricingPodcast

We’re back with another #PricingPodcast – this week Stephan Liozu talks Value-Based Pricing in business! We chat with pricing expert and author Stephan Liozu, and he answers some of the more popular questions surrounding Value-Based Pricing including, What is value-based

Joanne Smith #PricingPodcast – Pricing & Change Management

We’re proud to provide exclusive interviews and information in our new #PricingPodcast series! This week we talk to pricing expert and President of Pricing to Profits Consulting Joanne Smith about her consulting career, leadership in pricing and change management. As

“Set Pricing To Beat Competition” – NEW #PricingPodcast Featuring Alison Yama

Listen to pricing industry expert and Senior Director with Holden Advisors Alison Yama talk with PPS in an all-new podcast! Topic: “Get Your Price and Win Against Low-Priced Competitors” Alison shares strategy, provides case examples and more. Click the image below to

Kevin Mitchell To Speak During ACCELERATE 2016

Our friends at Apttus are hosting the ACCELERATE Conference April 12-14th 2016 in San Francisco and PPS President Kevin Mitchell is a featured Speaker! On April 13 at 4:25 PM Kevin Mitchell will present: “The Rise and Impact of Pricing Excellence

5 Pricing Tips For The Startup

Every industry can utilize pricing strategy tips, and our most recent #PricingChat focused on tips for the startup owner and entrepreneur. No matter the product, deciding on the best methods to price services or goods is crucial to revenue in

3 Points On Pricing Optimization Value

All companies seek price optimization value in business strategies. Many companies utilize pricing in daily interaction but aren’t getting the best optimization. Value pricing strategies are essential, especially as technology continues to rapidly change. These unique challenges impact pricing optimization: